Characteristic of gamecock rooster in every part of body

Characteristic of gamecock rooster in every part of body

Picture below is the body of gamecock rooster (ayam aduan / fighting cocks), where each part of the body have been separated. Each part of the image will refer to an article (post) of the characteristics of each part of the body. Please click on each piece of the body of gamecock image below

each body part

                       Characteristic of good gamecock rooster with head shape areca fruitCharacteristic of  rooster cockfight or gamecock rooster
                       Characteristic of gamecock rooster on the neck
                       Characteristic of gamecock rooster with long body and solid
                            Characteristics of a gamecock rooster on the chicken legsCharacteristics of good gamecock rooster on the tail of the chicken

                               General characteristics of good fighting cock or gamecock rooster

What is the standard reference of the features of a good gamecock?

By studying and dissecting every part of body of the best cock, will obtain the characteristic of a good gamecock rooster. Top right image is the story book of fighting cocks in thailand. The cover of the book is cock picture used on this post. If you had visited the fighting cocks websites in Thailand, so many website in thailand showing the picture from the book, especially, cock picture on this one. So the gamecock characteristic in this post is closer to the best fighting cocks. 

What are the characteristic essential for gamecock rooster?

Important factor for the characteristic of a good gamecock rooster can be seen from the customs in websites showing pictures of cock for sale. The first picture is the whole body of cock, to know the general posture of cock from head to the tail. Second picture, showing the face of a cock, to know the form of eye, beak, comb, wattles, and spirit to fight that emanated from the eye. Third picture, the image shows the legs, to inform the form of the foot, scales, finger, or if there is a special scales have deadly blow.

Lastly, there is the added video footage, especially for adult cock, to assure that the hallmark features that appear in the picture is accordance with the technique of playing cock.

That is all about Characteristic of gamecock rooster in every part of body. Next, please click on any part of the body from gamecock in the picture above (image source: thai cockfighting VCD and magazines).

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